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RE: FW: [nv-l] Subnet Mask discovery problem

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Subject: RE: FW: [nv-l] Subnet Mask discovery problem
From: "Leslie Clark" <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 25 Jan 2002 18:58:15 -0500
I sent a really good answer to this a couple of days ago, to
a bad address in Spain instead of the list. I'll see if I can remember it.

It is not a matter of modifying a file. First, make sure that the
production Netview can see the node the same way the
lab netview sees it: Use' Monitor...Network Configuration..
Addresses'. If Netview can see the correct addresses and
masks, then it is a discovery error. There are probably
error messages in netmon.trace and maybe in the events
display telling you that the node is in the wrong subnet  and
advising you to delete and rediscover the node. Sometimes
netview will discover something without snmp, and will guess
at the mask based on the address. Later, it realizes its mistake,
but it cannot always move nodes by itself. Check the address
of the subnet that the current interfaces are on (tools...Display
Object Info). Maybe the subnet is correct, and maybe it is not.
If it is not, you should delete the subnet, to discourage netmon
from making the same mistake again.

If Netview cannot see the node via SNMP, clear that problem
up first. Just because the lab netview can see it, there is no
guarantee that the production netview can see it.


Leslie A. Clark
IBM Global Services - Systems Mgmt & Networking

                    <z_esm_karekars@bharatpetr       To:     "'Paul'" 
                    oleum.com>                       cc:     
                    01/25/02 01:06 AM                Subject:     RE: FW: 
[nv-l] Subnet Mask       
                                                      discovery problem         

Hello Paul,

We have two similar environment for NetView Server, one in LAB Environment
and other in Production Environment.

I had confirmed the Subnet Mask set on the Server interface is perfect as
well the same discovered by our LAB NetView Server, for e.g. I had checked
for two out of a list of such, with IP & Mask &
other with Mask

It is shown perfect in LAB Environment NetView Server. Where as in
Production NetView Server it show as, shows Mask, & shows Mask

Can U please advice which file or table we can modify manually so that the
mask get set to normal.


     From:   Paul[SMTP:pstroud@bellsouth.net]
     Sent:   Thursday, January 24, 2002 6:55 PM
     To:     z_esm_karekars
     Cc:     'nv-l@lists.tivoli.com'
     Subject:        Re: FW: [nv-l] Subnet Mask discovery problem

     One other thing that I thought of that you might want to check is the
     interface on the
     router leading into this subnet. If the subnet is incorrect there it
     also cause problems.


     z_esm_karekars wrote:

     > Paul,
     > I had another setup as LAB setup where I could see that the same
     > Servers are showing proper Subnet Mask, hence I could conclude that
     > the SNMP configuration is proper.
     > Please advice.
     > Regards,
     > Santosh
     >       ----------
     >       From:   Paul[SMTP:pstroud@bellsouth.net]
     >       Sent:   Wednesday, January 23, 2002 5:34 PM
     >       To:     z_esm_karekars
     >       Cc:     'nv-l@lists.tivoli.com'
     >       Subject:        Re: [nv-l] Subnet Mask discovery problem
     >       Santosh,
     >       Netview gets the mask information from SNMP, we have seen in
     >       past
     >       where the SNMP agent
     >       was reporting a mask that differed from the one shown in the
     >       setup of
     >       the interface. First, look at
     >       the information being provided by SNMP if it is incorrect
     >       it will
     >       be incorrect in Netview. If
     >       this is the case it should be reported to the vendor of the
     >       Paul Stroud
     >       z_esm_karekars wrote:
     >       > Hello,
     >       >
     >       > I have NetView 6.0.2 on AIX 4.3.3 with TIPN Installed, using

     >       Db2 as
     >       > database
     >       >
     >       > During accessing one of the TIPN Query for suspecision
     >       Mask, we
     >       > modified the query for the subnets not used in our
     >       environment. and it
     >       > is observed that few of the Servers showing wrong subnet
     >       >
     >       > When we confirmed with the Server owner department about the

     >       subnet,
     >       > it is confirmed to be normal. When we checked through
     >       Console
     >       > Tools --> Interface details, this itself shows the wrong
     >       subnet mask
     >       > for that Server.
     >       >
     >       > Such type of not existant subnets are shown for large no. of

     >       Servers
     >       > hence I had taken case of two such servers and deleted them
     >       form the
     >       > Map, done ovtopfix and rediscovered them, but still the Mask

     >       is not
     >       > proper.
     >       >
     >       > Can U please advice how could we get the things restored.
     >       >
     >       > Regards,
     >       > Santosh
     >       >
     >       >
     >       >

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