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Re: [nv-l] availability data

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] availability data
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Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 14:38:46 -0500
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Pretty cool the way you and Leslie safely skirted the Framework question... :-)


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          Please respond to nv-l

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] availability data

The NetView "Availability" database is a new addition to the product (all platforms) as of 7.1.3. It is a DB2 based database(named "NETVIEW" by default) that is fed availability data by the new "tdwdaemon" daemon based on status changes that are detected by netmon. The purpose of this new funcationality is to feed the data to the "IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse" for reporting and for use in other products like "IBM Tivoli Service Level Advisor".

It has nothing to do with the availability feature within NetView for Windows and it has nothing to do with the NetView Relational Database component.

As of 7.1.4, they extended the functionality to include SNMP Performance data collected by the "snmpCollect" daemon. In this case the snmpCollect daemon writes the data to the DB2 based NetView "Availbility & Performance" database (still named "NETVIEW" by default). As with the availability data, the SNMP performance data can be extracted to be inserted into the "IBM Tivoli Enterprise Data Warehouse" for reporting or use in other products.

Gareth Holl
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"Christopher J Petrina" <cjp8@meadwestvaco.com>
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Subject: [nv-l] availability data

In the suer group meeting they spoke about availibility data and snmp performance data being sent to DB warehouse.

What availability data are they speaking of? Is this the data from the Netview (For Windows) That if you right click on an object and choose object properties it gives as one of the tabs the availability of the device. And if so is there an equivalant to this in UNIX. Cause in UNIX when you do object properties of a node or device it simply does a ovobjprint on that object there is no availability data?

Also in anyones opinion what would be the benefit to loading Netview via the TIVOLI FRAMEWORK vs. Simply loading it as a non-tme stand alone server. I understand that without loading it via framework I cannot connect to a relational database. Which I guess has its usefulness in that with a relational database I can do queries against the database to gather information in a more formatted manner. Anyone have preferences or thoughts about it.

Chris Petrina

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