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RE: [nv-l] Netview 7.1 questions

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Yes, I didn't remember the whole process although I know we did it in the 
NetView adminstrators class.

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Wouldn't you first have to create a field definition in
/usr/OV/fields/C...then do a ovw -fields ?


> Welcome abord Alejandro :)
> /usr/OV/bin contains a program call nvdbimport which can be used to create
> custom fields in the database. My recommendation would be to avoid it if
> you can (there may be other ways to get yoru smartset defined using
> existing fields but you didnt' specify what you were trying to do)
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> Hi, Hello to All, my name is Alejandro Gabay from Buenos Aires Argentina.
> Since I am quite new to netview, I am sorry if my questions are too
> simple.
> I am running Netview 7.1.3 on a SUN/Solaris machine and I have two
> questions.
> 1) I am trying to create customs "isXX" capabilities (for smarsets). On
> the user guide a file named "finddialog.conf" is referenced for that but I
> can not find it anywhere on the disk.
> 2) Trying to apply the FixPack2, and after succesfully downloaded it (I
> did it several times with the same result), i get the message "uncompress:
> corrupt input". Have any of you had problems while applying downloaded
> Fixpacks?.
> B. Regards & Thanks
> Alejandro Gabay
> Technical Center Supervisor, Argentina
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Frank W. Hansen

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