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Thanks.  I remember reading this but somehow did not link it to what I was
working on.  So what we are saying is that there is no way of doing this
built into the product.

I was originally thinking that perhaps the only way is to intercept the
Node Added trap and invoke a script which unmanages all the interfaces that
are not in the netmon.seed and now this seems to be confirmed.

Another really annoying thing with Netview and these outsourced networks is
that the TRAPs come into Netview using (usually) the loopback address of
the device which is one of these strange IP addresses.  If one uses the
event log message and clicks 'Show Node on Map' then Netview cannot find it
even though it is a known interface on a known node.


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Hi Alan, i posted this question here last week and i will paste here the
historical of the discussion.

That sounds like you need to spend some time training the operators.
You can setup NetView so that everything is discovered unmanaged
and then you can manage what you like. That might help....


Demis Gonçalves wrote:

> Hi Paul, exactly but i would like to leave all interfaces unmanaged
> when running the discovery because there are hundreds of routers and
> thousands of interfaces to change their status by hand. On the
> oid_to_type file there is a flag U that creates objects as unmanaged,
> but if someone manages the network that contains the interface it
> becomes managed, but the operators will manage these networks in this
> case the flag won´t work.
> thanks,
> Demis
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> Sent: Monday, January 03, 2005 4:39 PM
> Subject: Re: [nv-l] Discovering only the Router Status
>> Demis,
>> I think I understand the question, but I am not sure.
>> If you discover a router, you MUST discover all interfaces on that
>> router. You can unmanage and hide the interfaces you are not
>> interested in and NetView will not bother to poll them or use them
>> for the compound status of the object.
>> Does that help?
>> Paul
>> Demis Gonçalves wrote:
>>> Hi list, im looking for this information on the Users Guide but i
>>> didn´t find. How can i discovery only if the router is UP and not
>>> it´s interfaces? Im using the netmon.seed and everything is working
>>> fine, but i want to monitor if the Router is Up or Down and not it´s
>>> internal interfaces. Would be hard set all interfaces as unmanaged?
>>> There are any option to use with netmon for discovery only the
>>> router wan interface? If i remove the -u option of netmon.lrf it
>>> will discovery only the Router interface?
>>>  Netview 7.1.4 FP2 - W2K SP4
>>>  Thanks in advance,
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>>> Demis Gonçalves
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Subject: [nv-l] Netview Polling

> Hi,
> I'm on Windows 2000 with Netview 7.1.4 FP2.
> I've been doing some traces of what Netview is doing and I've seen quite
> lot of activity.  I was wondering how I could stop it.  I have 'discover
> all networks' with @limit_discovery in my netmon.seed along with a list
> the ranges it should work with.
> Basically we have various parts of the network outsourced.  I have
> negotiated SNMP read access to all these routers.  Netview discovers
> routers quite happily but also discovers that they have lots of other
> interfaces with strange IP addresses.  There is no routing in our network
> to these addresses.  Even though I have limited the range of IP addresses
> that Netview should discover via the NETMON.SEED file, it still insists
> PINGing and doing NBNS name lookups on these addresses.  Of course these
> packets flow out of our default route and try to get to the Internet.
> This
> not only wastes bandwidth but gets our IDS people after me as they think
> box has a virus trying to get to all sorts of strange addresses which
> nothing to do with our organisation.
> Is there an automatic method (forget manually unmanaging things) of
> stopping netview from refering to anything not specified in the seed
> Regards,
> Alan.

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