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Re: [nv-l] ovtopofix -m -> nonstandard objects

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] ovtopofix -m -> nonstandard objects
From: Leslie Clark <lclark@us.ibm.com>
Date: Wed, 8 Jun 2005 07:09:10 -0400
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Regarding cleandb.sh, which I use regularly: it calls ovwdbdmap -d which is part of Netview. That command takes object numbers as parameters. There is a problem with ovwdbdmap when the object numbers get big, as they do in large databases, or when there is hsrp. The APAR is IY68884 and there is an efix. Call support for it. It is not in any of the fixpacks.


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Paul <pstroud@bellsouth.net>
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06/07/2005 08:46 AM
Please respond to

Re: [nv-l] ovtopofix -m -> nonstandard objects

Check to make sure that ipmap is not coring(just do a ps -ef | grep ipmap
every 5 minutes and see if the pid changes). If the PID is changing, then
ipmap is most likely coring and you may need to move to FP03 or get
fixes from support. As for the non-standard items, if you want to remove
please open a call with support and ask for the cleandb.sh script. It was
specifically designed to remove those objects. Make sure you have a good
of the database before using that script.


don.turrentine@amsouth.com wrote:

>Hi list,  I recently upgraded from NetView 7.1.1 to 7.1.4 fp2 on AIX.  (I
>know fp3 is available but it has not been out long enough).  Anyhow my map
>synchronization time is at least 10x greater than it was previously.  I
>have about 35,000 objects in my database.  I found a technote on IBM's
>website (one of those lucky times that it was actually up!) that listed
>some ways to help improve map sync time.  One of those items was to look
>for nonstandard objects in the database by running 'ovtopofix -m'.  However
>it did not tell you what to do with those nonstandard items.  Below is
>partial listing of the output from ovtopofix -m:
>NONSTANDARD 2359 Interface object for MS2006RTR:to050634 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 2473 Interface object for MS2054RTR:ct150722 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 2542 Interface object for LA4078RTR:ct1159764 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 2469 Interface object for MS2056RTR:ct150768 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 249728 Interface object for
>6509-2:11249758 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 2511 Interface object for LA4059RTR:ct140155 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 2335 Interface object for MS551RTR:ct144464 not in Topology
>NONSTANDARD 26086 Interface object for TNNOCRTR7513-2:TokenRing11/1 not in
>NONSTANDARD 238480 Interface object for Interface:FastEthernet3/1/0253043
>not in
> Topology
>NONSTANDARD 2509 Interface object for LA4044RTR:ct1166481 not in Topology
>Do I just delete these objects from the database?  If so what is the
>preferred mechanism for doing so?
>An hour now and my map still hasn't sync'd ...
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>Don Turrentine
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