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Re: [nv-l] Routing table pulled

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Do NOT set it to 0 as that will cause it to pull all the routes use
1 instead.


Kain, Becki (B.) wrote:

Do I need it configured at all?  Apparently, this person's concern was
under HPOV, that when it discovered a router, it made 6000 individual
snmp get statements for each routing statement.
What is the impact of setting this to 0?

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This is configurable in xnmsnmpconf, under the field "Number of Route

Default is 800 according to the Help, which you can verify yourself.  If
you think a max of 800 is too high you can set something else.

Are you having a problem or just worried about one?

James Shanks
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            "Kain, Becki


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Apparently, under hpov, when a router was discovered, the entire routing
table of the router was pulled as well, causing the cpu to spike because
it pulled one route at a time.  Does NV do the same thing when it
discovers a node?


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