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Re: [nv-l] snmpv2 data collection and mib browsing

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Subject: Re: [nv-l] snmpv2 data collection and mib browsing
From: James Shanks <jshanks@us.ibm.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Dec 2005 12:10:14 -0500
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Well, what you see is what you get, I am sorry to say.

In the current release of NetView, SNMPv2 support is not fully implemented
and there is even less of it in the Windows version than in the UNIX
version.  The UNIX version has a command line SNMPv2 interface, which is
not well-documented nor well-understood, but at least it is there for
people who have to roll-their-own v2c solutions.  I won't dwell on that
here, however.

The need for full SNMPv2 and SNMPv3 support is well-understood by NetView
development, and while it is being worked on, I cannot give you a date for
it; no one can unless you contact your IBM marketing representative and
sign a nondisclosure agreement.  IBM does not announce such things publicly
until the product is ready to ship.

If these devices truly will not respond to SNMPv1 queries in any way, then
you are very much restricted.  netmon discovery uses only SNMPv1 at this
time, as does snmpcollect, and the native MIB browsers, both browser and
browserv2.  Yes, even browserv2 sends its SNMP packet in SNMPv1-format,
just like snmpcollect.  So if the browserv2 doesn't work, neither will
snmpcollect.  The only way these things will work is if the agent you query
is bilingual and speaks SNMPv1 as well as V2c.   As you have discovered,
the only full SNMPv2 agent in NetView is the web console MIB browser.

Your only other option in this regard, that I can see at this time,  is to
obtain the SNMP Research Security Pack, which, when installed, will
intercept the SNMPv3 packets and translate them into SNMPv1 for NetView.  I
am not certain whether it will do this for SNMPv2; you would have to
contact them for that.  But I saw on the web that your Motorola devices can
be configured to do SNMPv3 as well as SNMPv2c, so that might give you a way
to go in the short run.

James Shanks
Level 3 Support  for Tivoli NetView for UNIX and Windows
Tivoli Software / IBM Software Group

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Hi all, I'm a new user to tivoli netview.

Recently our company triy to implement netview in one of our customer,
but the problem is they have some devices that only support snmpv2. So
after doing hours of investigation throughout this mailing list
archive, I presume netview does not fully support snmpv2, but it
support partially by giving abilities to load mibv2 via loadmibv2 or
web console mib loader, browse it via browserv2 or mibbrowser.jar, and
collect the data by manually editing snmpcol.conf.

and I have some desperate questions about that:
1. Does somebody know when IBM will release the next version to fully
support v2? Most of our customer is really concerned about it; they
don't want to use netview unless it support all device that they
2. How can an only-snmpv2-supported device be recognized as a
snmpSupported device on discovery process? Coz whenever i look at the
device, it's only recognized as a common node, so I couldn't do
anything with it... is there something related to snmpwalk? coz when i
try to walk the device, it just time-out. But using other software
(orion eg.) I can walk it successfully.
3. I tried to load the device mib via loadmibv2 and web console, and
it loaded successfully, and I able to browse it. But why I can't
browse to mib-2 OID in browserv2.exe to get the traffic statistic
(such as ifInOctets)? I can get the statistic using web console
browser, but I couldn't do it using browserv2, coz there's no child
item below mgmt node mib...
4. I tried to manually edit snmpcol.conf in attempt to collect the
data from the device, there are no error message whatsoever and the
status said that it was "Collecting", but there were no data at all
when I try to see it. But when I use the mibbrowser.jar, I can walk
the traffic data perfectly. Is there something wrong with it? Here's a
few line I made manually:

MIB . .* radioSlicing units INTEGER R ljkttivoli
C 0xffffffff 30 > 0.000000 <= 0.000000 x% s 58720263

MIB . .* ifInOctets units COUNTER R ljkttivoli
C 0xffffffff 30 > 0.000000 <= 0.000000 xA s 58720263

I also tried the tool builder to collect the data but to no avail at
all. It said there was nothing to graph from the device.
5. Actually I want to ask about trapping with v2, but I guess it's
hopeless with this data collection problem... I figured it will be
pretty easy once we able to collect the data.

FYI, the device we tried to collect is motorola canopy wireless bridge
and tenor voice devices. Our netview version is 7.1.4 with Fixpack 3
on windows 2k3 platform using MSSQL 2k database. Any help is highly


btw. sorry about the language, i'm not a native speaker if u ask.


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