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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Polling Question
From: "Skokan, Paul" <Paul.Skokan@netapp.com>
Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2006 12:38:53 -0700
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Netview 7.1.4 FP4 on Windows 2003 platform.  Hardware is dual processor
XEON 3.6GHz with 4GB memory.  Polling a little under 900 network devices
(all snmp enabled).  I need to poll some devices more frequently than
every 20 minutes.

Here is ovsuf snip...

H:\>ovobjprint -S
Number of objects defined in the database: 24414

Total number of fields defined in the database is: 272.

Total number of field values in the database: 221169
         Number of Integer fields: 67968.
         Number of Boolean fields: 70829.
         Number of String fields: 67760.
         Number of Enum fields: 14612.

Thanks for you help.


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Hey, Paul; Welcome Newcomer. We need to know what you're running since
there are various flavors of NetView and they vary in performance
depending on the underlying hardware and operating system.    

I've usually found the default is well configured if you have sized and
configured the system according to the suggestions in the NetView books.
For Windows it's a twenty minute polling cycle and for Unix/Linux it's a
five minute default polling cycle. Performance can be affected by a
number of other configuration variables as well as the total load in
terms of objects.    
In particular the number of devices shown by the "ovobjprint -S" and the
number shown for the "-n" value on the ovwdb line in the
/usr/OV/conf/ovsuf line are critical (Unix/Linux file notation).  The -n
value MUST be a good percentage bigger.  If NETMON (the poller) is so
heavily loaded you can't sneak in a demand poll there's something out of
kilter in the configuration and the ovwdb -n value is the usual first

Bill Evans

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Subject: [nv-l] Polling Question

I am fairly new to Netview and I need some advice on polling so that my
server can accomodate the # of devices I am monitoring...

I am primarly monitoring network devices (routers, switches, wireless,
etc).  The workload on the poller is heavily loaded at all times and it
is preventing me to do demand polls efficiently when troubleshooting
problems.  What is the best way to control the polling and SNMPcollect
scripts so that I can effectively monitor all devices at various levels?


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