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Re: AW: 2 Network adapters

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Subject: Re: AW: 2 Network adapters
Date: Fri, 16 Apr 1999 09:23:15 -0400
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  When looking at your TCP/IP configuration for the two adapters, do they share 
the same default gateway?. I have FDDI & ETH, but, the configuration for each 
have the same default gateway. When I change one, the other get updated also 
with the same IP address for default gateway. I have my routers with two 
entries for the snmp-server utilizing the two different adapters on my AIX 
4.3.2 NV5..1 server.  I believe that all request from the box go out on the 
adapter with the same subnet as the default gateway.
GIl Irizarry

>>> Schiffinger Ralph 2100 <Ralph.Schiffinger@ERSTEBANK.AT> 04/16 5:42 AM >>>
None i could think of.
Running my server with 2 adapters.
Adapter 1 is TokenRing, doing my manage-the-manager-traffic.
Adapter 2 is Fddi, doing my manage-the-network-traffic.
Nullo problemo.
Cordially, Ralph.
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Betreff:        2 Network adapters

Hi all,

I'm thinking of configuring a second network adapter on my NetView
server; it will be connected to another subnet, but will be able to see
all the subnets the 1st one can ....
Are there any know problems/issues regarding the way NetView will
(populate,) manage the DB ?

Any info will be appreciated.

Alain Menezes   
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