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RE: Ruleset Approach for Quad NIC

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Subject: RE: Ruleset Approach for Quad NIC
From: "James H. Mapp" <jhmapp@dimension.net>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 16:15:24 -0400
So , the requirement should be for the Server running the quad nic, install
SNMP, yes ??


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Excellant Ray. I'm trying to think where resolving all 4 ip addresses to one
host name would cause trouble. What is the 'loadhosts' command ? 

To be precise, on an AIX host (or any other Unix host), the ipaddr label,
hostname and uname can all be different.  On a standalone AIX host with a
single NIC, the ipaddrlabel=hostname=uname almost always.  On a multihomed
host, i.e. multiple NICs, the ipaddrlabels must be different.

DNS and /etc/hosts resolve ipaddrs to ipaddrlabels, not to "hostname" or
"uname" regardless of the sloppy terminology in DNS and/or TCP/IP manuals.
Therefore DNS will NOT resolve 4 ipaddrs with 4 separate ipaddrlabels to ANY

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