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Re: Ruleset Approach for Quad NIC

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Subject: Re: Ruleset Approach for Quad NIC
From: Ray Schafer <schafer@tkg.com>
Date: Fri, 16 Jun 2000 13:47:55 +0000
"James H. Mapp" wrote:

> Excellant Ray. I'm trying to think where resolving all 4 ip addresses to one
> host name would cause trouble. What is the 'loadhosts' command ?

You can do a man on it.  It is in /usr/OV/bin.
You'd probably do something like:
loadhosts -p -m << EOF sunbox sunbox sunbox sunbox

Assuming that the netmask is for all of the interfaces (if they
are all not the same thing, just leave the -m off), and the name
of the machine is sunbox, and the IP addresses in the example are the addresses
of the NIC's.

There were some bugs with loadhosts, but they may be fixed in the release you
have.  I still recommend that you turn on SNMP to the box.  It allows you to
verify the status, threshold on bandwidth utilization, and lots of other
goodies you may need in the future.  Besides, netmon will do a much better job
if of handling the device if it can talk SNMP to the machine.

Ray Schafer                   | schafer@tkg.com
The Kernel Group              | Distributed Systems Management

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