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Re: Problems using NetView 6.0 for Unix

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Subject: Re: Problems using NetView 6.0 for Unix
From: Chris_Wilson@tivoli.com
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 15:55:34 +0100
Hi.   This problem will be corrected in the NV 6.0.1 patch due out very
shortly, but in the meanwhile you can get a fix from the Tivoli ftp site;
ftp.tivoli.com.  Download  plugin1_1_3-win.exe from directory
/corp/outgoing then follow these instructions to install the fix.

                1. Download the "plugin1_1_3-win.exe" file.
                2. Execute the "plugin1_1_3-win.exe" file.
                3. Clear the browser cache.
                4. Set Start.
                5. Select "Programs" .
                6. Select "Java Plug-In Control Panel".
                7. Select "Basic".
                8. Select "Java Run Time Parameters to -mx64m".
                9. Bring down the browser.
                10. Bring down the webserver.
                11. Restart the webserver.
                12. Restart the browser.

Hope this helps.

Chris Wilson
Tivoli L2 Support

Salinas Sangines Guillermo <gsalinas@scanda.com.mx> on 27/07/2000 22:56:21

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Subject:  [NV-L] Problems using NetView 6.0 for Unix

Hi, recently I installed NetView 6.0 for Unix (AIX, 4.3.3)
I'm using Framework 3.6.2, I've already installed all the patches for the
I looked at the tivoli ftp site for patches for NetView 6.0, but I didn't
found any required patch.

The problem I have is that NetView is working VERY slow when I do a demand
poll operation.
Also, I've already configured the web access, but when I try to access from
any PC, the applet only presents a window showing "left botton/right

Does any knows if there is a patch for NetView 6.0 for Unix that could
this problem?

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