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RE: [nv-l] SNMP Polling via a MLM

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Opps sorry maybe I didn't explain it right.  Our security team will open any ports necessary for communications between our Master NetView server and the MLM's.  What they won't do is open ports from our Master NetView to every network device in each of these isolated networks.

Does that help?

I was under the impression that I can use a MLM as "a gateway/forwarder" kind of like a gateway in Framework.

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Yes, you can setup MLM to montior MIB values and define thresholds on those
values.   You have three choices on defining the MLM.    Since you are
working with isolated networks, one of the ways, Agent Policy Manager part
of NetView will not work since you don't have SNMP access between MLM and

How will you have the MLM report status back to the main NetView server?
MLM is an SNMP application that is an extension of NetView.   MLM sends
status with SNMP traps.
How will you configure the MLM?   NetView can send information to the MLM,
but again, that is with SNMP.      You could configure a local MLM...then
FTP the configuration file to the isolated MLM, but that is something that
will take some planning and testing.    If your MLM is on Unix, you could
install the MLM configuration item on the MLM itself.

Good luck, you have a bit of work in front of you.

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We have a main Netview server, but recently acquired 6 "isolated" networks
that have devices which need to be SNMP Polled.

For security reasons we can not open ICMP, SNMP, and SNMPTrap between our
main network and each device in these 6 isolated networks.

Or solution is to put 6 MLM's, one in each isolated network, and have them
directly poll each device and then report that status back to our main
NetView server.

The question is as such.... Can MLM's poll devices with SNMP or are they
limited to ICMP?

We are running NetView 7.1.3 (FP01) on AIX.

Thank you,
Sandro Seminara

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