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RE: [nv-l] SNMP v2c/v3 Support

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] SNMP v2c/v3 Support
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Date: Wed, 29 Jun 2005 12:23:39 -0700
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Thanks! Now I'm getting something in the event viewer when a v2c trap is
received... unfortunately its an error :(

1120062861 1  Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 <none> T WARNING: invalid
SNMPTrap packet from agent source A pid -1 

I've fooled around w/ the trapd process and turned on tracing. The
packet dump looks ok to me and other trap receivers don't have a problem
with the packet. Is anyone aware of a way to find out specifically what
part of the packet NetView is unhappy with?

The only information I was able to get out of the trace file was:
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 process_event: [220] [1468] received
application trap
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls: [256] [0] sending 319 bytes
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls: [256] [0] sent packet 319
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls: [244] [0] sending 319 bytes
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls: [244] [0] sent packet 319
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls not sending to datacollector:
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls skipping app due to
!writeFlag or appl->sd == sd:  220
Wed Jun 29 12:02:10 2005 send_to_all_appls not sending to topmd:

followed by a dump of the packet hex/ascii. There was another message on
the list about this sort of issue,

but the poster never followed up w/ what they did to resolve it. Has
anyone else worked with this error before?


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FP3 will not enable this support on its own.  There is a section in the
FP3 readme that tells you what to do to get it to work.  Basically you
have to disable the Windows SNMPTRAP service which does not support V2.
In fact there are quite a few things that have to be done manually after
having put
FP3 on if you want to get some of the fixes installed as the FP3 install
doesn't automatically replace files where local mods might already exist
and be lost.




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I'm trying to verify that NetView can receive SNMP traps sent by our
system. v1 traps always come up in the event viewer, but I've been
unable to get NetView to catch any v2c traps. I'm running NetView 7.1.4
on Windows XP Pro v2002 w/ SP1, and I have applied NetView FixPack 3.

I read through the list archives and saw it mentioned that 7.1.4 would
support v2 traps when FixPack 2 was applied
am I wrong to assume that FixPack 3 includes the changes in FixPack 2?
Is anyone aware of other config steps that need to be taken to receive
v2c traps?

Does anyone have any experience with the SNMPv3 front-end mentioned in
this thread?

Thanks in advance,
Matt Bigarani

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