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Re: UNIX vs. NT functionality -- NetView 5.1.2 level

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Subject: Re: UNIX vs. NT functionality -- NetView 5.1.2 level
From: Alejandro Mechoulam <amechoul@BMA.COM.AR>
Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1999 09:55:39 -0300
There's one more, smartsets in NT can't be modified (at less I could not
find out the way) It has to be deleted an re-created.
If you are using list of object it is very hopeless thinking about a

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Asunto: UNIX vs. NT functionality -- NetView 5.1.2 level

This is a moving target but here goes what I know.  The size of the network
can support is limited basically by the size of the machine you can have,
UNIX boxes can be made bigger and more powerful.  So generally, NT NetViews
manage smaller networks.   But here are some real differences you may want
need to check out.

   Discovery differences
     seed file processing is different
     nvsniffer has more function on NT
   Ruleset differences
     no ruleset editor on NT
     nvcord runs rulesets only to filter the display
     actions and paging cannot be done from NT ruleset
     in-line actions cannot run windows apps on NT
   Trap processing differences
     no internal TEC adapter on NT
     UNIX TEC adapter  does not provide a "secure" version which uses
     trap forwarding is handled by a separate daemon (trapfrwd) on NT
     traps forwarded only by UDP not TCP on NT
     no multiple event windows on NT
     events stored in database on NT so no need for Event History function
   fewer daemons on NT (no pmd, orsd, ovesmd, ovelmd, ovactiond, nvserverd,
   no security function on NT
   NT version does not install Tivoli framework or use it
   NT supports WEBM and Wake-on-Lan
   no gtmd or xxmap support on NT
   web clients are different
   NT GUI has availability info
   NT offers attended MLM function
   More third-party apps are available on UNIX
   Many third-party apps on NT do not integrate with NetView but run

If anyone else cares to contribute to this, I will keep a running list the
time someone asks.  Maybe that way we can construct the document that
seems to want

James Shanks
Tivoli (NetView for UNIX) L3 Support

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