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RE: Acknowledging

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Subject: RE: Acknowledging
From: "Allison, Jason (JALLISON)" <JALLISON@arinc.com>
Date: Tue, 8 Jan 2002 13:41:44 -0500

"the isAcknowledged variable is not reset to "FALSE" when the container
comes back to a normal status"

I am not sure where you are getting the isAcknowledged field from, did you
define your own field for collections?  We are propagating compound status
to the container icon.  I have not noticed and inconsistencies with
Acknowledging with respect to status changes by Netview, i.e. it all seems
to work as expected.  Maybe you can give me a step-by-step case to run
against our setup.

The response I received from the list discussed the 'Global Acknowledging'
scheme as of 6.0.x.  IIRC, a Map Sync will also perform this, however it is
not 'on the fly'.  For my configuration, the secondary TME10 knows that for
the time being their display map is not consistent with the display map on
the primary (as far as Acknowledged objects).  I made up for this by writing
an application using the 'ovwConfirmUnacknowledgeObjects' and
'ovwConfirmAcknowledgeObjects' callbacks to create a separate submap that
will dynamically create/delete symbols representing the objects that were
just Ack/Unacked.  The operator uses this map to determine all of the Acked
objects (1 symbol on submap for each object acked).  However, the secondary
still has the limitation that it only has a copy of the primary's
(read-write map) database from when it was started.

Jason Allison
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ARINC Incorporated
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     Our experience is that acknowledging containers is bad.  There is a bug
where the isAcknowledged variable is not reset to "FALSE" when the container
comes back to a normal status.  This only occurs on non-interface objects.
     The problem is, that if the object comes back to normal, then later has
a problem, the object will still be in the acknowledged state, so your
operators will not get the indications they expect, ie Red or Yellow status.
     The fix is to only acknowledge interfaces, these do get the variable
reset as expected and will always show you the correct current status.
     There is an APAR open to fix this, IY24273, and it will show up in the
next patch to the system.


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From: Allison, Jason (JALLISON) [mailto:JALLISON@arinc.com]
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Subject: [NV-L] Acknowledging

AIX 4.3.3 - Netview 5.1.3

We are now instructing our operators to acknowledge container symbols when
there is a failure that is known.  This works fine when we have one instance
of 'netview' running.  Acknowledging works as expected.  We have come across
some problems when bringing up another instance of 'netview' (TME10 GUI).

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