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Subject: Re: [nv-l] locations
From: Paul <pstroud@bellsouth.net>
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One way or another, you are going to have to do the work. Try creating the location.conf file on the fly. This is not that complicated, Create
a New Map, check it, add more stuff to the location.conf rinse, repeat.
You can zoom the map down and do a few devices at a time.

You could clear your database, control discovery, and build your location.conf as your discover more devices. This would be my real
suggestion. This way you don't discover what you don't want to monitor.
You specfically place the device where you want them via the location.conf file. I would suggest this for anyone starting a NetView
project. You network is a complex creature and just setting NetView
loose can be a dangerous thing(as you have seen). It takes time to
build a good network and it takes time to build a good map. A good
one of each is worth their weight in gold.

You could rediscover everything and then cut and paste stuff into the locations, controlling your discovery as above, once that is complete, you can use script to create the location.conf. The script is really
just a way to turn the hard work of cutting and pasting into a nicely
formatted location.conf file, or a nice way to clean up the location.conf file if it has become unwieldy as a result of repeated

I think perl 5.0 might be a problem, try perl 5.0.6(8). I have used it
on both and it worked as expected.


John Sobrinho wrote:

One netview I have an existing Location.conf. other box there is none.

On the box with location.conf we divided into East Central West, and under
theses areas we have our corresponding OSPF areas. We are finding that some
of the devices are placed correctly in the opsf area, others jut end up in
ip map. This box only has routers (soon to have switches), and only loopback
ip address is defined in DNS and in seed file when we did the discovery.
When this project is complete we expect about 2000 devices.

Other box is a mish mash of stuff and that map looks like a giant golf ball
with the skin torn off, this box has about 1500 devices.

In both cases I could not produce a file.

In both cases we do not want to do any manual cut and pastes, for the amount
of devices we have this would be ludicrous to do and to maintain. I was
hoping Location could automate this, and as we discover devices they would
be automatically be placed in the correct container.

So I am very interetsed in this routine to see what it will produce.

Leslie.. I know were on Perl 5.0 or better, I'll have to check the exact

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Have you already customized your map to include locations? For the
script to work, you map must already look as you want it to with
locations in place and all the network devices properly placed. It
simply creates the location.conf file from the locations you already


John Sobrinho wrote:

Has anyone tried this ?

I have tried on two different netviews one on 7.1.3 and other on 7.1.2 to


avail on AIX 5.1 and 4.3.3 respectively.
Routine runs, and but file does not get created, no error code return.

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Mario, the Tivoli NetView Users Group has released a script (PERL) that


build your location.conf for you based on your map. Here is the link to


user group:


The code is available on the Netview users group home web page (it's




It's under the contributed code / End User Interface section.

And yes, you can do location.conf after discovery. Until you make a new


or restart map generation your old map would remain in place.


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Hi list,

Can I configure a location.conf file in a NV 7.1.4 running on a AIX box
after the initial discovery (a production box) ? I mean, will NV put each
discovered objet in its appropriate location container ? Or this can be


only at the initial discovery ?


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