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RE: [nv-l] Un-numbered Interfaces.

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] Un-numbered Interfaces.
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thanks for the reply..
I hadn't, but I just went into there and it's set to "yes"  However, when I rediscover a device, it doesn't show any interfaces that are un-numbered.  What should I be expecting to see with an un-numbered interface?  I know they're on the device.. .just doesn't show them..
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there is an option in the serversetup gui for unnumbered ip address support.
its under the heading of set options for daemons, then set options for topology , discovery, ... then
set options for netmon daemon

have you been there?

Ray Smith

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I have question that I need some help with.  I have a request from a customer to monitor some cisco "un-numbered" interfaces.  I've only ever monitored IP and IPX interfaces.  Anyone here monitoring un-numbered interfaces?  if so, how?

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