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RE: [nv-l] ATM problem

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] ATM problem
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Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 13:41:06 -0700
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Duhh... Sorry, should have elaborated further on the no-name interface.

Is the problem here that both demandpoll and Quicktest are using SNMP to get
results, where ping is using ICMP?  Since the interface does not have an IP
address, only the service record for the interface does, is SNMP looking for
the interface and since there is no IP is shows it as down, where ICMP is
looking just for the IP address regardless of interface?  Here's where my
question below should have fit in originally... What has changed between
version 6 and 7 that would cause this?  Both seed files are the same...
Should we place a special entry in the seed file to only use ICMP when
polling these ATM routers?

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Subject: RE: [nv-l] ATM problem

Ok, this is getting more interesting all the time.  Here's the 411:

- The Hub router that our ATM circuit is connected to is a Nortel BCM.
- The ATM is a OC3 to many T1 Frame Relay sites
- The ATM interface on the BCM has a IP address for the ATM service record,
but not for the interface
- When we do a demand poll, it shows that there is not an IP address for the
ATM interface
- If you send a ping to the hub router from the Netview GUI, the circuit
turns black and shows it's up for approx 3 minutes
- If you then do a QuckTest to the hub router, the circuit than shows red
and says it's down

Here's the question, what has happened between version 6 and 7 regarding
discovery process?  How has this changed?  And why only with our ATM

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From: DSullinger@dot.state.az.us [mailto:DSullinger@dot.state.az.us]
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Subject: RE: [nv-l] ATM problem

The SNMP walk showed that the status of the OC3 interface is up... yet on
the v7 map it's red and shows the "IP Status" as Critical(4), but on the v6
map the "IP Status" is black and Normal(2).

Btw - We are using Nortel routers with 13.2 code.


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Subject: RE: [nv-l] ATM problem

Are you using Cisco routers?

If you are do an SNMP walk of the interface table. What is the ifOper status
of the OC3? there was a bug in IOS that reported the ifOper status
incorrectly so when NetView did an SNMP poll of the router the interface
looked down. When I ping the interface it was up.

Alan E. Hennis
Caterpillar Inc.
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We have two Netview servers, one with v7.1.2 and the other running v6.0.1
located on the same network.  We have a new OC3 ATM circuit that has several
frame relay circuits on the other end.  For some reason, the 7x version of
Netview shows the ATM circuit down at times, yet while running a ping, it
never shows it as down.  The 6.x version of Netview never shows this circuit
going down.  I've checked timeout values and they are the same on both
servers.  When we do a netmon trace on both servers and then a demand poll,
the 7x version states that the OC3 interface does not have an IP address,
but the 6.x version doesn't say this in the trace file. Any idea what might
cause this or do you need more information?


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